Benvenuti a Casa Civenni, il Bed and Breakfast al Lago Maggiore

Welcome to Casa Civenni, the Bed and Breakfast at Lake Maggiore



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The entire old town is charming for the evident Baroque and Neoclassical evidences left by the old and highly civilized middle classes of the town. Amongst them are noteworthy: the imposing 18th-century building in Piazza San Rocco, the highest edifice of the old Intra with its five floors; the sumptuous Palazzo Peretti in Via De Bonis, with its windows decorated with stone or stucco frames, the carved granite portals, the small stone balconies and the wrought-iron railings; the characteristic Freschetto and Moretto backstreets; Piazza Ranzoni, the commercial heart and vital centre of the town, where the 19th-century Palazzo delle Beccherie stands out; the 14th-century Palazzo del Pretorio, (seat of Intra’s town hall up to 1939) adorned with a big sundial painted on its front in 1868.
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